Isabel's recent performances and collaborations include Vanessa Carlton, Haleh Liza, ThingNY, Vudu Sister, Scarvves, PVD Cello Fest, Nîwar Issa, Falu, and Sonya Kitchell,. Past collaborations include Diane Cluck, Chants Libre Opera (Montreal), Asheville Lyric Opera, Mark Kozelek (Sun Kil Moon), Rima Fand, Alya Al-Sultani and the Shamash Ensemble, Deep Singh, Skye Steele, Asheville Percussion Festival, Free Planet Radio, Asheville Symphony, and Talking with Trees Ensemble.   

Isabel has toured domestically and internationally with various artists including Vanessa Carlton, Diane Cluck, Arijit Singh, Falu, Gyda Valtysdottir, Manu Delago, Mivos Quartet, The Bell Cycle, CocoRosie, J.G. Thirlwell, Rima Fand, ChantsLibres, Ned Rothenberg, Sasha Siem, Alula,Tori Ensemble, Copal, Mark Kozelek, Timucin Sahin, Katie Mullins, Marc Farre, Labyrinth Dance, Parul Shah Dance, Beth Nielsen Chapman, ThingNY and more.  

In the past few years she has been increasingly involved with dance and theater productions including NC Stage Theater Co., Playmakers Theater Co (UNC), and Williams College Theater. She has composed music to choreography by Parul Shah (NYC), Shaleigh Comerford (NC), and Labyrinth Dance Co (NYC).  She was a founding member of the Mivos Quartet, an acclaimed contemporary string quartet, with whom she spent four years performing, touring and teaching with internationally. In the genre of contemporary classical music she has collaborated with many composers developing and performing new works and premiering hundreds of compositions. 



Diane Cluck

Diane Cluck and Isabel had a wonderful collaboration for a couple of years and played about 100 shows together.  Diane's songwriting and voice are beautiful and captivating. Here is an acapella song, Petite Roses by Diane Cluck performed at David Garland's 25th Anniversary of the radio show Spinning on Air, NYC. 

Content to Reform is on Diane Cluck's album, Boneset which has Isabbel's cello playing weaving throughout her songs.  

Rosalie Und Wanda - Andalusia   

Arrangements for cello, tabla, chorus vocals, and classical guitar  

Alya Al-Sultani & the Shamash Ensemble    

Traditional Iraqi Folk Songs and Jazz Songs by Alya Marquardt    

LISTEN: https://tworiversrecords.bandcamp.com/album/chai-party    


"You'll Find Me at the End of the Haul"   

Performed and composed by Isabel Castellvi    

Video taken as part of a series titled 'Asheville Plays Well With Others'   

SubtracTTTTTTTTTT by ThingNY (April 2020)

A Series of Landscapes by ThingNY (July 2020)