Music Lessons: 

Teaching music is a beautiful reciprocity for me. I've been teaching music for 19 years.  I continue to learn and grow with this gift of sharing music which I am most passionate about.  Along my own musical journey I’ve been able to study with incredible, masterful teachers from many different traditions. I feel so fortunate to have received such powerful and beautiful musical training.  I draw from decades of my own practice, from performing alongside world class musicians and my teachers who have shared so much with me. 

I teach music lessons for cello, beginning violin, guitar and voice.  I also teach music theory, ear training, ensemble skills/coaching, practice techniques, songwriting and improvisation to musicians of all instruments. 

I currently teach throughout the Asheville Area and online lessons.  I have a private music studio for lessons out of my home in West Asheville.  I also teach for an El Sistema inspired program MusicWorks. 


Private Lessons :  

Private Lessons are available for musicians of all levels and new students looking to develop a relationship to sound and music.  General music lessons are available for music theory, ear training, improvisation, just intonation, early music education for children, practice and rehearsal techniques for singers and instrumentalists as well as guidance in exploring sound for healing and creating a practice.  

Private Lessons for cello, voice, and beginning guitar are available as well as masterclasses for instrumentalists, bands and classical chamber music.


Private Lessons Rates: 

30 minutes - $30 

45 minutes - $40 

1 hour - $50 


Group Classes: 

Are offered for music theory, ear training, ensemble coaching, and creative improvisation.

Rates depend on the size, length and frequency of the classes. 


I am strong advocate for making music accessible to those who are passionate and dedicated to learning.  Sliding scale rates are available as needed. 


Homage to my teachers: 

I am deeply grateful for the musical lessons and mentorship my teachers have shared with me.  It is unique and special relationship to receive tradition as well as create anew while at the same time grow and evolve as a human being and artist.  I received a Master's Degree in Contemporary Music Performance from The Manhattan School of Music. My primary teachers here were renowned cellist, Fred Sherry and Indian music teacher Samir Chatterjee.  During my Bachelor’s Degree in Music Performance from DePaul University I studied with cellists Chris Constanza, Katinka Kleijn and Steve Balderston, other primary teachers here include conductor Cliff Colnot, violinist Olga Kaler and many more professors.  Previous cello teachers include Fred Zlotkin (NYC Ballet), Danny Morganstern (Lyric Opera, Chicago) and Myriam Santucci (National Symphony, Argentina). I learned a tremendous amount about sound from my North Indian Classical Music teachers Rajyasree Ghosh (Kolkata, India) and Falu Shah (NYC).  This list goes on and I honor all my teachers with my continuous exploration and growth. 


Teaching Philosophy: 

Teaching music has always been an integral part of my musical journey. I learn from every student.  After decades of studying with master teachers from various traditions, sharing the love, inspiration, beauty and knowledge I’ve been given feels like important reciprocity.  To see the light on a student's face when they are able to create musical sounds is delightful. I believe learning music enriches the spirit and teaches us much more than just the music itself.  We get to tap into the wellspring of creativity in ourselves and with each other that can carry over into all other aspects of life. Learning music engages us in a multi-layered process. The right and left sides of the brain get to work together.  We learn motor skills and kinesthetic awareness, while simultaneously heightening our senses and sensitivity to sound; honing our ability to hear, perceive and to express emotions through sound. 

I believe all of us contain the ability and talent to experience and create music.  Music has been a central part of human life for millennia; it inspires and connects us.  I teach each student based on their unique musical desires and needs. I have taught general music to students as young as three years old and I’ve taught retired elders who dreamt of playing music their whole lives.  Music is accessible to all. The process of learning music shows us first hand what determination, persistence and focus can make possible. 

I teach cello, guitar and voice.  Music theory and ear-training are incorporated throughout the lessons to build a strong foundation and understanding of music.  My musical background ranges from western classical conservatory training, studying North Indian Classical music in India, playing avant-garde free improvisation and jazz in NYC, rock, pop and folk music, influences from Middle Eastern and African music to chamber and orchestral playing.  I draw from all this experience and share with my students what inspires them.